So who's this DJ DJ guy!?
There's a lot to say.... But to sum it up, I'm just a dude who loves music and people!
I started my journey as an avid music enthusiast making playlists and writing songs. After getting my business degree, I had to see how I could work it into my career. I immediately began my adventure as a music producer and artist, and about a year into it a DJing job naturally fell into my lap while volunteering at a community event where I couldn't help but ask the DJ about how he got started. Before I knew it, I was beginning my 6 year DJ career at Instant Request DJ Entertainment, where I quickly became one of their top DJs - and eventually becoming #1 in receiving the most positive reviews from clients! After DJing over 300 weddings with them, it was finally time to really leverage my degree and start my own business. Thus, the creation of David James Events.
As an artist, I've always found my work is most rewarding when I approach it authentically and put in my best effort. With weddings, I do this through really listening to my clients and making sure I truly understand their vision. I've learned that as much as I am the entertainment, the couples are the real stars of the show. I've found that my clients feel most celebrated when I work behind the scenes with logistics, announce moments with my greatest enthusiasm, and pour my heart into mixing their music in a way that's attuned to the crowd and brings a euphoric flow to their favorite songs. As an electronic music artist who performs their music live via seamless DJ sets, I try to execute a similar flow in my transitions with the songs my wedding clients love - no matter the genres! I love seeing the crowds' reactions to my mixing, and I've been told countless times how my transitions set me far above your average wedding DJ.
My style as a DJ isn't just in how I mix your music, but also in the way I engage you and your guests. It is my priority to honor the special time you have to connect with your family and friends, and to ensure the big moments are celebrated. If you're looking for a DJ who randomly interjects with weird jokes and singles out people in the crowd, I'm not your guy. I'd much rather announce with enthusiasm just the important stuff, and then let my talent shine in the ways I handle logistics behind the scenes and keep your dance floor packed leveraging my years of experience reading crowds and selecting just the right songs at the right times. When I approach my couples at the end of their night to thank them, and their faces light up because of how much fun they had, I can't express how great of a feeling that is. I chase that with every wedding I DJ, and I hope I can have it at yours too :)
I can't wait to meet you, so let's get in contact soon!
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